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Each mL contains Salbutamol sulfate equivalent to Salbutamol ………. 1 mg


It is used in the treatment of acute severe asthma and in routine management of chronic bronchospasm unresponsive to conventional therapy. Its main clinical use is in asthma. It may be used for the symptomatic relief of an acute attack, as part of the emergency treatment of acute severe asthma, and as part of the long-term chronic therapy in asthma.


Adult and Children: A suitable starting dose of Salbutamol by wet aerosol is 2.5 mg (one nebule) but this may be increased to 5 mg. Treatment may be repeated up to four times daily by means of a nebulizer. Delivery of the aerosol may be by face mask of “T” piece. Salbutamol sulfate 2.5 mg are intended to be used undiluted. However if prolonged delivery time is desirable (more than ten times) dilution with sterile distilled water or normal saline for injection may be required. Or as prescribed by the physician.

Directions for Use:

The product should be used with a respirator or nebulizer only, under the direction of a physician. It is not to be injected or administered orally.

To open the nebules, twist off the cap.

Squeeze the content into the reservoir of the nebulizing chamber.

Discard the nebules after use.


Asmacaire 1 mg/mL Solution for Inhalation in 2.5 mL Nebule, box of 35’s


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